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from Etsy

Funny Cat Sign All Guests Must Be Approved By The Cat


Do you ever walk by your dog and make eye contact then feel bad for not touching it so you run back and give it a pat real quick

This cat looks amazingly like our Spooky. The face, the look on his face, or do all black cats just look alike? Nah, we've got two and they are way different. This must be Spooks doppleganger.

Cat is real serious about not being willing to give up the glass of water

from eBaum's World

29 Gifs Of Adorable Animals Taking A Bath

Aren't you so funny and clever. I was wondering if OP was going to post a nice source but seeing as you decided to be an arse I went looking. To all those lazier than me here is the video ...

from Bloglovin’

Can my dog eat that? This infographic answers once and for all! (Little Holly's Big World)

Can my dog eat that? This infographic makes it so clear! REMEBER THIS ONE

from Beautiful Life

15 Lovely Pictures of Cats

We understand that among all pets we pay too much attention to dogs undeservedly avoiding cats. But cats are really special pets. They love you and live in your home but at the same time they aren’t with you. Unlike dogs cats walk by themselves. But it does not interfere people to own and live …

They should have a animal abuse offenders list just like they do for perverts. I feel so bad for every animals that is getting hurt, I will say lots of prayers for them and hope they all go to very good homes! its so sad and heart breaking!