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Hit a homerun like the pros. #MLB players take time out to read to kids, support purchase of baseball-themed books. Businesses can join the major league by sponsoring books online. A new baseball book coming soon!

Any sunny day can turn into a science experiment. The next time you go out to play, let the questions in this book lead you to more discoveries about light and shadow.

It's important for children to learn how to keep themselves safe. By reading My Helmet, they will learn how to wear a bike helmet properly.

The next time you are with your children in the grocery store or kitchen, invite them to wonder where the produce has come from. You will set the stage for a great conversation when you read Where Do They Grow, and that can lead you to exploring other foods or planting a garden!

Clouds are a part of nature that inspire curiosity. Learn some basic facts about clouds, then grab a journal and start your own investigations.