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Download the free printable of interview questions for kids to answer at the end of the year or at their birthdays to capture precious memories. Love the idea to videotape asking them the questions to capture their facial expressions and little voices.

from Entrepreneur

How Discomfort Can Lead to Success

take yourself out of your comfort zone. How do you do it? Make that phone call you were putting off, apply to that incubator or post that blog. Whatever it is, just try -- what have you got to lose?

third grade sandy hook student says he remembers lots of police and a DRILL at the school on the day of the supposed shooting, the interviewer makes like he didn't hear the boy and proceeds to the next question. truth is what we want, lies is what we get.


What happens to us when we lie about dying?

If I’m lucky, the family will accept the news that, in a time when we can separate conjoined twins and reattach severed limbs, people still wear out and die of old age. If I’m lucky, the family will recognize that their loved one’s life is nearing its end.

from The Huffington Post

He Asked Me If I'd Read 'Lolita'...And Then He Kissed Me

Claire-Louise Meadows - Huffington Post: He Asked Me If I'd Read 'Lolita'...And Then He Kissed Me

from Bitmovin

Player API 5.2.0

Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player Play HLS or MPEG-DASH with no buffering and w/o plugins

from Forbes

Why Every Parent Needs To Talk To Their Kids About Social Media

From Yahoo News: You've been hearing a lot about it both from us here at Tecca and practically every other tech news site on the internet — it's the new Facebook profile feature called Timeline, and today it begins its slow but steady … Continue reading →

Two decades after creating the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee says humans have become so reliant on it that access to the Web should now be considered a basic right.

from simple as that

50 Photos to take With Your Kids Plus Tips to Help You Get in Front of the Camera

FREE download All About Mom questionnaire from Simple as That!! Would be great to make for my kids as a keepsake.

from Play Activities

Sensory play activities for taste