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La Seine, immortalized by artists and adored by lovers dangling their feet over the quay, harbours a dark secret. Under the fi

This Canadian schooner from 1867 sunk in Big Tub Harbour in 1885. It’s only 10 feet underwater, so even novice divers can go searching it’s 100-year-old corridors.

Sweepstakes, Ontario ///Sweepstakes was a Canadian schooner built in Burlington, Ontario in 1867. It was damaged off Cove Island then towed to Big Tub Harbour, where it sank in September 1885. The remains of Sweepstakes lie in the water at a depth of just 20 feet in Big Tub Harbour in Ontario. This schooner is popular wreck diving site visited by tour boat passengers, divers, and snorkelers.

The Big Tub lighthouse was built in 1885 for just $675 and became an important part of guiding ships into the Tobermory Harbour. The surrounding waters, where Georgian Bay and Lake Huron meet, can be notoriously dangerous as evidenced by two shipwrecks that are visible from the lighthouse. The bay now also attracts scuba divers from around the world.

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There are over 6,000 shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, most of which have not been accessed by people. But there are some wrecks visible in shallower waters, including the schooner Sweepstakes, located in Lake Huron's Big Tub Harbour in Fathom Five National Marine Park. The boat sank about 50 yards from the shore in September 1885 and has remained surprisingly intact ever since, making it a popular attraction for divers and tourists.

Le Canal du Loing à Saint-Mammès by Alfred Sisley 1885. Spend time walking around the town and discover how beautiful it is.