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By adding choppy bangs to your look you instantly bring volume and texture into otherwise lifeless and thin hair. Luckily there’s a bang to suit everyone too so you can get this style no matter your face shape. Hillary’s look is great as it suits most face shapes. Note how her bangs aren’t too heavy and therefore don’t overpower her face – you want you bangs to make you stand out, not to hide you.

Сверх эффектный стиль волос: калифорнийское мелирование, длина до плеча, стрижка удлиненный боб, укладка с объемом +380960977711, Kika-style, Киев

Chop Chop! Fun Haircut Ideas for Straight Long Locks

Vince Poscente wrote a short story about an Ant and an Elephant. It's based (in a nut shell) on the mind functioning in two difference spaces; the conscious and subconscious. In about a second, the conscious mind utilizes 2000 neurons where the subconscious is using 4 Billion. It can be said the difference in power varies in magnitude as that of an Ant and an Elephant. When the 2000 take control and steer the 4 Billion life changes quickly. More