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The glazed brown bricks on the window sills, the top & base of the walls, and a repeated double band through the centre of the windows are typical of the Waterfall Style in Australian domestic architecture.


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offshoot Art Deco movement-Waterfall Style. early 1940s development of 1930s Streamline Moderne- curves. difference texture -external walls. Streamline Moderne house (white or cream) rendered finish, Waterfall house built cream bricks, darker brown glazed bricks emphasise horizontal lines.expensive have multiple curved glass windows framed in steel,painted black or dark brown to match brick. Roofing hip and valley, sometimes behind a parapet. cocktail party terrace

Australian Art Deco - An art deco house in Melbourne City Centre. Photo by Adrian Yekkes.

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Mauretania, a 1930s classic art deco building designed by Milton J. Black. That ten-unit building, which received the 2009 Hancock Park Historical Society's award for Most Significant Restoration, was erected in 1934 by actor Jack Haley, who played the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. It was named for a White Star ocean liner that broke the transatlantic-crossing record in 1919.

cedric gibbons architecture | The Del Rio House, Santa Monica, Cedric Gibbons 1931