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Wake up this morning with intention, step with purpose in the direction of your dreams ~ Care to be mindful of the words you speak both to yourself & others. Only hold on to the thoughts that make you feel wonderful. Release all of which no longer serves you and surrender with ease to the excitement of the unknown ~ Live every day of your Life with a heart filled with Gratitude and Love / Missy Joy


Become Fluent with Language Immersion for Google Chrome

Language Immersion for Chrome translates parts of web pages into another language, increasing your exposure to it and beefing up your vocab. Way cool.

Some days are easier than others but ultimately this is all you have to do to have a beautiful life. Smile. It is scientifically shown to change your mood- even when smiling is the last thing you want to do. Fo' realz it releases happy neurotransmitter! I usually will force a huge smile on my face when I'm in particularly huge amounts of pain mid-race to help push me through it! The next thing is a little harder. It's not simply an action- but a thought process. Have gratitude. Even…