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l'Oreal 1983 Mousse -- How I kept my hair somewhat under control.

Haha, I remember nicking my sister's mousse cos I couldn't afford the good stuff!

A quick and easy tutorial on how to do a French Braid. This could really come in handy.

How to French Braided Hairstyles: Classic Braid Tutorial now if I could do my own :-): French Braids, How To Do Hair Style, Hair Styles, French Braid Tutorial, How To Braid

These are actually pretty crazy and interesting hair styles

21 Best Crazy Hair Day Dos Ever!

three elephants tattoo - Google Search

Three Elephant Tattoos On Upperback I kind of love the idea of one being for mom one for dad and then keep adding on for each child

I had one, and I ended up shaving her head and using the insides of my felt tips to dye the buzz cut a multitude of colours. I liked my Evil Knievel doll and bike that did fantastic wheelies down the hall.

I had one,she ended up with matted hair and a blue face thanks to my sis