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A new study reveals that households with a pet dog(s) or cat(s) calls for healthier children. What do you say?

Hello?? I'm the tin man...duhh!!

Two pugs named Roxy and Ivan are dressed up as Dorothy and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, at the Pug Rescue of San Diego County's annual Pug Party in Del Mar, CA

My happy face :)

this will make you smile on a bad day for sure :) The face of pure joy, can you tell me that dogs dont have a personality after seeing this. Too Cute! ---- Love Your Chihuahua? Visit our website now!

Cuddling pugs in the toy bin

I like that one is sticking out its tongue ever so slightly.

Baby + Pug = Adorable

Pugs seem to have a great time with kids. Pugs are very friendly and it is natural to see Pugs and kids playing together. These pictures just seem to convey love, companionship, attention and [.