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ニコニコ動画に投稿している、歌い手の天月さんのイラストです。 アカツキアライヴァルという曲のイラストだそうです。 ちなみに画像の左が天月さん、右が 少年Tさんだ ...

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(Not my character or art) my name is Ino (Ee- no) I am a average sides girl. Queit. Mysterious at times. I like to write a lot. I have large wings like a dove. I'm kind to others and I love rabbits. Id possibly like a boy friend... I have a crush on shock

Anime picture with original moss long hair single tall image looking at viewer green eyes fringe pink hair holding nail polish bare belly pale skin head tilt black skirt pink nails girl skirt uniform seifuku

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Anime picture with sword girls kris flina lena (zoal) single tall image short hair looking at viewer light erotic red eyes fringe bare shoulders sitting white hair kneeling white skin blood stains girl bow ribbon (ribbons) hair bow

Omg this is true! My guy friend tried to watch it with me and he lasted up to episode 4. He said "ok Ella I love the 'Gou kou Gou kou kou Gou Arg damn you!' Part but other then that… why in the Hell am I watching this?"

I bet there are some guys like us girls. Guys can also react to the gorgeous girls, as can we girls react to them