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Just saying, guys...

I love the reference😂🤣 If you don't get the reference go watch the movie "The Labyrinth" David Bowie plays Jareth/the goblin king and Jennifer Connelly plays Sarah Williams. It's such an amazing movie!

Cuando David Bowie fue inmortalizado por Yoshitaka Amano

Just barely over a year ago I heard Neil Gaiman read this story at the closing night of the David Bowie exhibit at the MCA. Oh, David, you will be missed. - When A Final Fantasy Artist (And Neil Gaiman) Did Sci-Fi David Bowie

Can an infant be embarrassed by a parent? Because I think putting them in a onesie that references a David Bowie song and a cheesy 80s movie might do it. I hope not, because I need this.

You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of the voodoo. Remind me of the babe. -David Bowey "The Labyrinth"

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These 10 Ketogenic recipes are AMAZING! I'm so happy I found those tasty keto recipes to help me lose weight! Now I can have some awesome healthy recipes durning my keto diet! Pinning this for sure!

26 Fashion Rules You Should Break Immediately If you have no idea what the difference is between a Square Cuff and a French Cuff, get schooled before you go looking for your wedding attire with this handy infographic!

Im feeling this english cut. Mens suit breakdown <---This was made to show how to draw them, but it gives really good details if you're looking to buy a suit or tux.

#this is a bowie reference I feel it #art

Inktober and drawlloween drawing number skeleton! I think I've done better (technique-wise) but still, there's something about this one I really like So, who cares?

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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day 24 Pics