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The social life of methods

The ‘Social Life of Methods’: A Critical Introduction - May 2013

one of the bad things about being a female

one of the bad things about being a female<<< one of the things men need to stop

From Bergmann reading: Given the advancement in the global technological world, it seems that academic discourse(s)/writing will have to negotiate it original standards to stay abreast with these changes. While I agree that the rules and fundamental standards in English composition classes are important in cultivating refine discourses, we still need to be aware that they will not work the same in other disciplines-mainly because the subject matter calls for other requirements.

University genres in disciplinary domains: social sciences and humanities and basic sciences and engineering


Of course I would have the rarest personality type there is…No wonder nobody gets me… INTJ Female = of the population

Four Possible INTJ Subtypes   EMBTI (Enneagram and MBTI Correlation)      As you all know, I have the utmost confidence in the MBTI. ...

The Way of the INTJ: Four Possible INTJ Subtypes - using briggs/Jung with enneagram to get these subtypes. Tested borderline INFJ/INTJ ennegram scores were and top 4 subtypes

Library Genesis: Roy A. Rappaport - Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity

Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity (Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology) by Roy A.

Acting ethically is especially important in PR! Find the PRSA Code of Ethics here: http://www.prsa.org/AboutPRSA/Ethics/CodeEnglish

ethical issues- an id problem, situation, or opportunity requiring a choice among several actions that must be evaluated as right or wrong, ethical or unethical.

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We’re on our way to Florida for the weekend to visit my in-laws and get away from the insanity that is the inauguration. DC is a total madhouse right now and I’m happy to escape the hea…