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Some one said children Pride Enfants Fierté

"Someone told me being gay is wrong because we have to reproduce. I said let the gays adopt all the kids that the straights abandoned after "reproducing" <<< Which is actually what any other homosexual couple in the animal kingdom is for!

The one that looks more male is really cute

"My sister is a lesbian and I'm gay but our parents are very conservative, so she 'dates' my bf and I 'date' her gf, so if they stay over, they stay in opposite rooms, but jokes on my parents." I love this except for the parents part.

Just A Few LGBT Teens Who Totally Nailed This Whole Promposal Thing

Just A Few LGBT Teens Who Totally Nailed This Whole Promposal Thing

This year, it's clear that LGBT teens didn't miss a step when asking their dates to the big dance.

I don't flirt so I have no issues in the romance department other than being single for basically my whole life if that counts

Lesbian problems: Complimenting a guy and he thinks you're flirting with him. Flirting with a girl and she thinks you're complimenting her.--- honestly bisexual problem too

I love it

I think most people identify homosexuals as only being "GAY" but people shouldn't have labels.I really don't like labels. I mean who cares if you're straight, gay, whatever there's just really no point to them. LABELS ARE FOR CLOTHES!

However, sometimes you just get lucky, and they didn't know how gay they were til they met you... Lol

The struggle<<<Lesbians and bi/pan/poly women used to give each other violets to show interest.

I am not a lesbian, but this points needs to be made.You need to educate yourselves on the LGBTQ+ community before you make assumptions or make people feel unsafe<<<not lesbian either lol

OF COURSE GAYS DRESS WELL -.png stickers by gay_pride

Although I do have one gay friend who is the most terrible dresser .

This is so ironic as I- a horribly awkward panromantic- am moving in with my asexual friend for University in a few months... (oh my meme)

I'm asexual and I'm exactly like "Nothing". I'm super hyper and flirty, and everyone thinks I'm bisexual then I tell them I'm asexual and then they get it(after explaining what an asexual is).<<< omg I'm pansexual and I am like all!

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We're all human and I can't believe that people are treating people from the lgbtq+ community like we are not

Ninaâ™› Lmfao this is hilarious.

Someone from Millcreek, Utah, US posted a whisper, which reads "I'm gay because when I was 4 I sneezed and no one said "bless you" and the devil entered my body and made me the sassy bitch I am today.