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Sherlock/ The Office

so I bought season 1 of The Office because I know Martin Freeman's in there.

Next scene:  In jail.  John looks pointedly at Sherlock.  "It's not something I can just turn off."- Sherlock

and then Sherlock takes a deep breath.and we know what comes next

hahahaha sherlock meets sheldon. hilarious since i described sherlock as sheldon + the doctor.

Another week, another Monday, another installment in the Writer’s Life According To… series. This time around we’re going with a reader’s request: BBC’s Sherlock Holme…

In case you're ever in London and want to head to some Sherlock spots! Which, honestly. Who wouldn't??

in case youre ever in london and want to head to some Sherlock spots----the "Sherlock" Guide To The U.

That's great, Sherlock. by ~le-prince-lutin

That's great, Sherlock. by ~le-prince-lutin on deviantART

Team Sherlock:  Benedict Cumberbatch; Steven Moffatt (creator); Sue Vertue (producer); Martin Freeman and Mark Gattis (creator/writer/actor)

Benedict Cumberbatch, Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue, Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss. the people who ruined my life.