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Get a photo with Minnie at disneyland and disneyworld. Little Minnie Mouse and Big Minnie Mouse

Prom as a Disney princess

Fairy tale prom group… I can't believe that many high school boys were willing to go along with this. << what if it was their idea so that they could take their Princesses to the prom?


The effect and influence of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs can't really be overstated enough.


Save Money at Disney

I love Disney animations movies even thought I am not a little kid anymore. I grew up loving Disney and I still do to this day.

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I'm also pretty certain Elsa is the love child of rogue and iceman. Perhaps Frozen only happened because the xmen movies made them a couple.since they aren't in the comics.

LOL  potato head

Potato Head rearranges his facial features crazily) Mr. Look, I'm Picasso! Hamm: I don't get it. Potato Head: You uncultured swine! What're you lookin' at, ya hockey puck?

They're All in the Same Universe!

They're All in the Same Universe!

I love that Disney movies do this! I knew of some of them but not them all so I'm using this post as an excuse to watch more Disney movies :)

that part really shows how much Genie loves Aladdin. he will always mean so much to him. prince or street rat, all Genie saw was his friend ;)

that part really shows how much Genie loves Aladdin. prince or street rat, all Genie saw was his friend ;) Alddin is my prince bruh


My all-time FAVORITE Disney movie since I was little girl and still is ♡Cinderella♡


I love all things Disney. Most of this stuff is Disney Princess stuff but there are a few other things as well!

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Best part in that movie. She went crazy on the girl for talking about her mom. Love LILO and stitch. Started calling my dog stitch lol

fave disney movie everrrrrr

"And what are you, a sheep?" I say this all the time! I just have one thing to say to this what is mushu's problem with sheep haha lol so funny