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3-2-1...Let's Jam by thatkidwhodraws

Do you dread trimming your Jamberry nail wraps because it takes so much time and effort each time? Stop starting over each time you do your nails and create a reusable Jamberry nail wrap template! This template is easy to make, cheap to create, and simple to use! It's great for properly sizing Jamberry nail wraps, as

'Man, Dylan would kill me if he saw this.' I think to myself as I leap off the rooftop and free fall. I take in the feeling and relax, letting the rush take me completely. Hey, I may have been on patrol but that didn't mean I couldn't have fun on the job. I aim and shoot a web at the last minute, causing me to lurch forward and soar overhead the jammed traffic below. I wonder what Dylan was doing right now, hopefully safe and at home.

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Slow Cooker Bacon Jam

Slow Cooker Bacon Jam might sound wacky, but you need to try it before you write it off as "weird"!


This Policeman Can’t Stop Himself From Singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ While On Duty


Yes, there is such a thing in chilly NZ! I have been sending my boys off with a hot lunch for 3½ years and have never looked back. During the winter it’s lovely and warming for them to eat a cooked lunch, and for me it’s the simplest and quickest way to get a lunch packed. Let’s explore how:

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Community Post: Which Taylor Swift "1989" Song Are You?

I got “Shake It Off”! Which Taylor Swift "1989" Song Are You? You strongly believe that “haters gonna hate, hate, hate.” What else can they do? Intimidate you? C’mon! No way. You’re a strong, independent person who doesn’t listen to what others say. You also love the fact that Taylor has such a good sense of humour about all that negative, bull crap press she gets from tabloids. And let’s be honest - you love dancing to this song, no matter where, no matter when. It’s your jam!

Can't remember if I posted this already, but it's adorable enough to risk the mistake ^_^

from BANGAGONG! by Doc Lehman

Marc Bolan & Friends

Ringo Starr and Marc Bolan