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from Digital Trends

Passwords in the future could be replaced by your heartbeat

Pinterest is blowing up - with copyright infringement allegations


Scientists inch closer to 'God particle'

«After crashing particles together about 530 trillion times, scientists working on the CMS experiment at Switzerland's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) saw unmistakable evidence for a new type of "beauty baryon." Baryons are particles made of three quarks (the building blocks of the protons and neutrons that populate the nuclei of atoms). Beauty baryons are baryons that contain at least one beauty quark (also known as a bottom quark).»

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

Scientists invent robot that eats organic matter, then poops it out

Scientists... have invented a robot that powers itself by collecting its own food and water, digests it, then poops out the waste... It may sound unconventional, but [they] hope that a new generation of these "ecobots" will not only be self-sustaining, but may even help recycle and reuse food waste. [ via ]

from Fast Company

Connected Cars: The Future Of Communication Or A Plague Of Distraction?

Connected Cars: The Future Of Communication Or A Plague Of Distraction? [ via ]

Obama campaign shifts to also targeting Santorum

Powell family tragedy: A timeline of events

Five dead as man-eating leopard stalks Nepal village

Tens of billions at stake in BP oil spill trial

Ginsburg questions 1973 abortion ruling's timing