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I hate it when I say I hate everyone and then someone is just like oh except me of course lol ha ha no. Especially you<<< so freakin true

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i always did this in grammar school! then i hated when my teacher would tell people to read one more paragraph.it threw off my whole count!

I know sometimes I wanna murder my sibling but then they also help you get through different things together :)

very true right now with my sister I'm like ill help you hide the body with my brother I'm like don't even breathe in my direction! it's like just leave me alone your not my dad

Previous pinner: Only all the time. <---Well if she'll admit it, I will too.

even though it says teenager post, still applies to me. sadly, lol ~Previous pinner Applies to me anyway

Obviously this is a non running kids problem cause I was looking for ways to make sure no one bet me.

seriously <<<< that's how I was its seventh grade, but in with Eighth grade, I quit PE and still didn't give a crap about boys or drugs


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When my little sister is trying to sleep in the car!

haha YES! Especially at meetings and at funerals or when someone is praying. i always have the hardest desire to laugh then i make other people laugh and then i start laughing at them laughing at me and we just keep going in that cycle for a few minutes

Yes! << ohmygod i thought I was the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raising your hand when you are at home cuz no one is paying attention to you. story of my life!

Mom: Clean your room. We're having guests over for dinner Me: I didn't realize dinner was being held in my room.

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