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Kayaker bitten by 10ft hammerhead shark off the coast of California

Hammerhead shark bites kayaker fishing off the coast of California

Shark lover: Kualla holding up her illustrated guide to the plight of sharks in Kota Kinabalu. @SabahSharkProtectionAssociation #SharkWeek

Kiwi surfer/diver Riley Elliott speaks out for sharks. SharkStewards and Kiwi non profits leveraged loophole closures on blue sharks in 2014 during the America's Cup.

Marin reformers Shark Stewards help prevail on CA shark fin ban as U.S. Supreme Court takes pass on legal challenge.

Health warning. Consuming shark fin makes you crazy and impotent.

Shark Week on

The ugly truth: a shark may have died for your lipstick. #SharkWeek

A child reading a poster at the Say No to Shark Fin Consumption exhibition in Aeon Manjung. — Photos: RONNIE CHIN/The Star

Sabah will lose tourists to Philippines without shark-finning ban, says state minister