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Hollywood’s 10 Most Beautiful Actresses

I used to like Lindsey Lohan and a lot of the movies she was in. Anyway I loved her natural hair color. If I ever dye my hair red, I like this shade.

Lindsay Lohan photographed by Bryan Adams    "I suppose it started with taking photos of friends and colleagues and then doing my own album covers. My first album cover was On A Day Like Today".

Bryan Adams Exposed

Lindsay Lohan is not beautiful but alassss. at one time there was potential as she was a pretty girl :-( Lindsay Lohan photographiée par Bryan Adams

Lindsay Lohan when she was super cute and the hottest thing to happen to “Mean Girls.”

Love, this color: Lindsay Lohan tends to bounce between red and platinum blonde hues, we thought the auburn tone she sported back in her 2004 Mean Girls era was so fetch.

Lindsay Lohan

Best Step By Step Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorials

The Parent Trap (1998) - 1 of my all time faves. Wanted to copy Lindsay Lohan's blue nail polish so bad, I colored my nails with a blue marker in Khi.

The Parent Trap (1998)

When Hallie Parker and Annie James meet at summer camp, they think they have nothing in common -- only to discover that they're identical twins. Soon, they're up to their freckles in a scheme to switch places and get their parents back together.