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I cried and laughed SO much while watching Fairy Tail, that it would be impossible to list ALL of them

are you kidding me! every single sad episode and BAM to waterfall on my face.

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Gray and juvias kid in the snowman outfit was soooo cute! Lol with natsu having to ask to live with gray! <<<Flipping gray dressed as Elsa!

No there aren't only three dragon slayers... Three are mores.<<< Three dragon slayers in Fairytail

Technically there are FOUR Lucy's. Edolas Lucy, furture Lucy, Gemini Lucy, and normal Lucy. Also there is 7 dragon slayers and 5 'cats'

I have been watching them grow,and they are my family,and i love them. And #NALU<<YESYESYES!!

I have been watching them grow,and they are my family,and i love them. And <~~~I really don't have fairy tail,ships but they grow up so fast -cleans tears- it's beautiful<<<my children. They grow up so fast lol.


Sword Art Online, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail. Octopops (Killer Bee) and Erza are the best.

Stripping power! (It's a gift. And also a gif. ^_^)

Gray Fullbuster & Lyon Vastia - Fairy Tail,Anime(gif)<<< synchronised stripping: It's a gift


) I swear she better stay away from natsu because NALU is forever Lucy belongs with natsu (I don't hate her at all I actually like her but I ship nalu)

Natsu as love mate (according to Lucy) part

A basic rule in anime...the one who smiles the most is the last person you want to piss off...because when their smiles fade away...and you are the reason why...whether you hurt their nakama...or insult what they stand for...they instantly turn into your worst nightmare, funny, text, Anime characters, crossover, Maes Hughes, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mirajane, Natsu, Fairy Tail, Shanks, Luffy, One Piece, Gintoki, Gintama, Goku, Dragonball Z, Asakura Yoh, Shaman King; Anime

Basic Rule In Anime? Basic rule in LIFE. Don't piss off the calm/chill/quiet/happy people because those are the scariest MoFos when they get REALLY angry.