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i love you so much, i hope you can notice me, you are my everything, thanks for always inspiring me, i know there's someone special in your life, and i know im ugly, but, thanks a lot, i love you with all my heart AWWWWWW!!!!!!

My spirits are gloomy today and so is the weather. Nothing like a sunny picture and kind words to make it better. There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. ~Jane Austen Source: via Donna on Pinterest ~found on Pinterest. Encourage one another, Donna

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Lol his face ♥♥♥ <<< he's like that's what I'm talking about<<< I'm dead. This boy is just too much. His laugh, his personality,his voice, him. He's perfect. I really love how he's always happy. No matter what. ily Niall ❤️x<< Well dayum♥

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Holiday Gift Ideas Mother Teresa Do it Anyway DISTRESSED worn paper look STOCK Art PRINT 11x14 (no frame included) Geezees

Originally from Jesus - Matthew 5:3 - 12 Mother Theresa Quote Forgive Them Anyway STOCK Art PRINT by Geezees



I just got a fight on IG with two directionator. Their kept saying One Direction only got famous for their looks and I replied with "yea I totality bought their album to listen to their faces"......... They haven't replied yet :).<<< This is awesome!