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The Lady of Hatra, Mosul, Iraq. via @Ejmalrai on twitter

Statue of a Parthian Hatra king holding a votive figure. Hatra was an ancient city in the Ninawa Governorate and al-Jazira region of Iraq, near Mosul. It was known as al-Hadr, a name which appears once in ancient inscriptions, and it was in the ancient Persian province of Khvarvaran. It was built circa 3rd-2nd centuries BCE and flourished 1st to 2nd centuries CE under the Parthians. Many artifacts and much of the remains of the city destroyed by ISIL

'City of the Sun, Hatra was the first, and for a very long time, the only UNESCO listed site in Iraq. It is the only large ancient city in the ‘round’ in Iraq. The massive, circular city walls and towers and its inner masonry buildings are a great contrast to the mud-brick sites in the rest of Iraq.' Iraq: the Bradt Guide;

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Experts Assess The Damage Wrought By ISIS At The Mosul Museum

Hatrene sculpture has been chronically understudied." Credit Col. Mary Prophit, United States Army. (click through, rw) Fukin cult of alllah barbarians hellbent on destroying past cultures and to murder, rape, enslave and indoctrinate people from different backgrounds who don't fit their ideal religious description, they are the lowest pile of vermin in the history of the human race.

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Assessing the Destruction at Hatra

Last month reports swept through the global media that ISIS had used bulldozers to level the ancient city of Hatra. ISIS has already destroyed a number of irreplaceable sculptures from Hatra in the Mosul Museum, lending immediate credibility to reports from Iraqi antiquities officials that ISIS fighters had destroyed Hatra itself as well. On Saturday video surfaced on YouTube and other websites which showed ISIS fighters destroying sculptures at Hatra. (Info by Christopher Jones) -- AHE

ISIS destroys historic statues at Iraq's Hatra. In this image made from a militant video posted on YouTube on Friday, April 3, 2015, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, a piece falls off from a curved face on the wall of an ancient building as a militant hammers it in Hatra, a large fortified city recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, 110 kilometers southwest of Mosul, Iraq [Credit: AP/Militant video]

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A sledgehammer to civilisation: Islamic State’s war on culture

Isis has destroyed countless irreplaceable artefacts and heritage sites across the areas it controls of Iraq and Syria – and some are comparing its assault on human history to the atrocities of Mao and Pol Pot. Are they right?