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HUNGER GAMES: The ice-cream hunters Sitaphal, Anjeer, Banana, Mango—we spent our Saturday trying our different fruity ice-creams at two new spots in Delhi #Food #Icecream #Natural #Sweet

ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ :" sounds of space " jazzmag 637 05.2012 (marc avenue/codaex) révélation personnel: alfredo rodriguez (p)Alfredo Rodriguez: piano, melodica (1); Gaston Joya: bass (2,3,4,7,9,10,11); Peter Slavov: bass (1,6); Michael Olivera: drums, percussion (2,3,4,7,9,10,11); Francisco Mela: drums (1,6); Ernesto Vega: clarinet (7), bass clarinet (7), soprano saxophone (2,3,9,10); Santa Cecila Quartet: flute, oboe, french horn, bassoon (11).

Stanko & New York Quartet | De Bijloke WO | 5 FEB 14 | 20:00 CONCERTZAAL

THE MOPPET SHOW: Show us a mountain There is nothing worse than to watch your child in pain, and not be able to do anything about it. #parenting #blog #disability

UNDERSTATEMENT: Lovely but unfair? Sonakshi Sinha slams #weight watchers but who must take responsibility for the gold bleach she endorses? #SonakshiSinha

JAZZMATAZZ: Look back in laughter Standing hero worship on its head, iconoclastic band Mostly Other People Do the Killing opens new sides to celebrated #jazz through fun, humor and imagination. #music #blog

THE MOPPET SHOW: If You Think You Can, You Can and Other Little Mind Games I hope you, like me, have a wise child who shows you the error of your ways. #Parenting #Blog

HUNGER GAMES: Use your hands An old recipe, but a new way to teach your child how to work in the kitchen #Cooking #HungerGames #Child #Chicken #Recipe

UNDERSTATEMENT: Missionary position Why we love the pretty and how Aneeth Arora’s collection gave prettiness a spring in its step #India #Fashion #Spring #Clothes