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Shinee + EXO = We Shine as One lovin it!

Shinee + EXO = We Shine as One lovin it!

Lool! I cant even. This is too funny; Taemin can swear and still be classier than everyone else, haha

TaeKai are one of my top Brotp! The subs tho xD Kai kim Jongin. Lee Taemin Exo and Shinee

SHINee  I can't stop watching it!  It makes me so happy. :D   I reallyyyyyy love how is EXO so happy for them ... they're really so pure ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Artist of the year MMA - SHINee *Sehun was the first one to jumps off his chair*

I love how they pretty much all support eachother☺

We both know that I know I've already saved this pin. We both also know that it was so long ago that it's in the depths of this board never to be seen again. So here it is, saved a second time.

Playing with the camera Kai and Taemin:) EXO and SHINee:)

Taemin wants a girl like Kai + New TaeKai Interview - exochocolate

(gif) SHINee's reactions to EXO's twilight parody !  I laughed just as hard xD

(gif) SHINee's reactions to EXO's twilight parody ! OMG i cried laughing XDD

Sehun’s face is so stoic, and Jonghyun... What is making you this excited?

Exo Reaction

i don't know whether to put this on my shinee board, my jonghyun board or my exo board





My Oppa and My Lady's Oppa congratulating each other. Mine is mean like me, her's is sweet like her, no winder we are all best friends!! XD

Kpop ☆ EXO & SHINee ☆ It's so hard to believe that Kai and Taemin aren't even that far apart regarding their ages xD I mean . I kind of grew up with SHINee !