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My Husband Doesn't Find Me Attractive: What to Do When You're Hurt

If you're thinking, "my husband doesn't find me attractive anymore" because he wants you to be skinnier, here's how to approach him so he understands.

Morning Basking: Fall in love with the first moments of the day. Rather than leaping out of bed, wake up slowly. Spend a few minutes just becoming conscious of the sensations of your body. Basking is such a beautiful way of entering your day. Once you're up, focus on enjoying your morning.


Protection sigils, maybe get a few as tattoos on my left forearm where mom has her northern ghana symbols.

⭐BEAUTIFUL⭐Intuition is a natural part of everyone's sensory system, it isn't an ability that is separate from you, it is more a facet of your soul's message system and it runs a call service through your heart. Here are a few tips to turn the volumn up on your intuition dial. Living intuitively supports you as a soul and can make a huge difference in your day to day life.

Roses are blooming, the earth smells fresh. It smells like rain. Music is on, discovering new tracks every minute. Deep and emotional. Last days at the beach, i'm finally enjoying every second of it. Breathing in, feeling the water covering my body. I'm not cold anymore, the most soothing feeling i've ever felt. Sitting on the sand, with wet hair, watching the sun setting in the sea. It's all gold and black. Everything is so beautiful.