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Good morning, sunshine!

Good morning, sunshine!

Three Pelicans float past and old dinghy in the still waters of the Pumicestone Passage, QLD

Three Pelicans float past an old dinghy in the still waters of the Pumicestone Passage, QLD, Australia

Morning sunshine. - ̗̀ make art, be art ̖́- pinterest | @eveniingtalks tumblr | @stormyglo instagram | @sincerelyimann

sarah kate — grace–upon–grace: Saskia Bauermeister

You can look but don't touch ♥

Pink Box series by Margaux Hug

Inverted Sunshine

Water droplet reflecting sunlight Inverted Sunshine by InLightImagery on DeviantArt

landscape art sunshine fields golden land Good Morning Vincent Van Gogh

"How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun" -Vincent van Gogh (Le Soleil)

La couleur, la profondeur, la chaleur. / The color, the depth, the heat. #inspiration #valeriecdesign

Gana un Super AutumnKit

I love gorgeous Autumn mornings! A gorgeous morning (especially in a cozy sweater!), a nice hot cup of tea, on a porch swing = perfection!

97 ways to love

An entry from 97 ways to love

Azalyn~ A beauty with light ginger hair, dark blue eyes, and a freckled, yet pale, complextion.

The sunlight creeps up. Slowly spreading its sun rays across the hills. The flowers wake up. Spread their beautiful flowers and smile to the sky. They know this will be a great day!

sunrise and red clouds

Sunrise and Red Clouds, How can anyone in their right mind say there is no God, when the beauty of His creation is in these places?

Land roosting birds fly over to sea at sunrise to fish and once they return to their nests it can also signal land. Frigate birds can be seen 100km from land, gannets and petrels 70km from land and terns can be seen 50km from land.

Color ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Sunrise over blue ocean Sunrise

Woodland flowers. 162

Sunset, Garden, flowers, Floral, Gift Idea, Home Decor, Fine Art Photography Image, fPOE

Sunset Garden flowers Floral Gift Idea Home Decor Fine Art Photography Image by JanePackard via Etsy.

I love summer in the midwest - everything's bright, hazy, and the world looks like an overexposed picture

sunlight through summer grass. I like the colour/quality of the light (impressionistic). I like the light fresh green, the yellows/wheat colour, whites and ivory and the grey/blue sky behind.

Spiritual love.... is not ordinary you can feel it like the the ocean or beams of intoxicating light. It moves within you in waves with the natural rhythm of nature itself, pulsating with the breaks.


imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul. Ive met that person.

Coffee and croissant

Coffee and croissant (Breakfast Photography)

Sometimes ceremony is as simple as letting the sun fall on your face. And being still enough to savor it.

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