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Life is not easy, a panda's birth.

Life is not easy, a panda's birth.


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This is how u sketch

Kid coloring on white dog. Im sure everyone thought this was funny, while it taught the kid anything goes when mistreating animals. Teach respect for living things folks!

llbwwb: “ Shy white lion cub (by Tambako the Jaguar) ”

llbwwb: “ Shy white lion cub (by Tambako the Jaguar) ”

un'immagine dalla dolcezza straziante, scattata in uno dei tanti canili che raccolgono i randagi...per favore, ora che i beagles di GH sono finalmente al sicuro, se volete aprire il vostro cuore e se volete un amore incondizionato da un cane, fate un giro nei canili. Gli animali non si comprano, si adottano. by "Comitato Montichiari contro Green Hill"

An old man was going for a walk, when he noticed a little boy feeding a thin, shaggy looking dog with bits of bread. He went up to the boy and asked him why he was sharing his bread with the dogs.

"The embrace” by Stephan Brauchli is a wonderful photograph of a lioness mother and her cub.

Horse in wildflower meadow by eythor via flickr

Ísak frá Oddhóli Took this picture for the horse magazine Eidfaxi.is The stallion is Ísak frá Oddhóli. We took him to this wild flowerbed and let him loose there. He than started playing, running back and forth, jumping and showing off.