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AWE. All the more reason to ship them.The sisters Grimm.

All the more reason to ship them.The sisters Grimm.

*there may have been slight squealing cuz I mean PUCK IS SO JUST UGH MY SHIP IS STRONG IN THIS ONE

Puck is so SWEET. He acts all rough but honestly he's not a villain of the worst kind he's a hero of the best kind

Puck and Sabrina (Cutest couple in Sisters Grimm :3 along with Jake and Briar (RIP))

PXS in all its pixely glory by Lizalot on deviantART

Puck KISSES Sabrina!!!!! (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! i love their romance

I fangirled over that before I knew what fangirling was! (From The Sisters Grimm series)

Puck almost kills Sabrina, but the way he react is what I love most about him!

I love those rare moments when Puck is serious and you can see his emotions.

Grimm Family: Chibis by dreamart2611.deviantart.com on @deviantART Top: Puck, Sabrina, Daphne 2nd row: Canis, Red, Relda 3rd Row: Jake, Henry, Veronica Bottom: Elvis and Basil

Row puck, Sabrina, daphne Row canis, red relda Row jake Henry Veronica Row Elvis and basil