MLP - Cloudsdale by ZOE-Productions on deviantART

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Rainbow Blitz and Rainbow Dash I'm still trying to decide who to couple the male versions of everyone with (I can a. MLP - Blitz and Dash

MLP - Twilight's Library by

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Rarity and Elusive If I wasn't sure Elusive was gay, I would be sold on this couple XD (I think they're secretly in love with their reflections in each oth.

Rainbow Dash and Blitz (first place lovers winners)

So creative name -w- xDD Okay. MLP: ''Victory In Soccer''

Spike and Rarity

They're Spike and Rarity (if you didn't notice already xDD). But this is Spike grown up, 18 years old. Sparity - The Wonders of Time

Stained glass ponies

stained glass window art by Sakuyamon (deviantart). I don't normally like the Ponies-drawn-like-real-horses but something about this one is amazing! I also love the stained glass windows. And Pinkie Pie makes the most adorable "real" horse!

MLP - Sugarcube Corner by

MLP - Sugarcube Corner by ZOE-Productions on DeviantArt. Not usually a huge fan of humanized ponies, but the design here is undeniably well done!

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