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I was "reading to kill a mocking bird" today and i kept feeling like it should be katniss talking not scout!

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Not taking The Hunger Games seriously

and then I would die right afterwards, but I would have fun for the remaining 60 seconds of my life. <--I'd be sing that "Hit me with you best shot!

this is my problem ..

it makes reading other books extremely difficult the other day I had to choose between shopping at Rue 21 and Cato naturally I chose Catos


I'm sorry sweetie it's true Haymitch speaks the truth,nobody will ever deserve Peeta.

This was me and my mother all of July fourth weekend!!! ROFL

Oh my gosh! That was me on the of July last year!

The fear on the faces of non-THG fans makes this worth it every time...

Hunger Games Problem Yelling "THAT IS MAHOGANY," every time someone drops something on a wooden table/desk.