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Gardening in old tea tins

Tea containers to plant herbs for the windowsill in the kitchen. décor and I am a daily tea drinker so this works well for décor and display of tea containers and plants.


Trashy tuesday, Ladders, Bowls, baskets and more

MASON JAR HERB GARDEN - Attractive & clever way to plant fresh herbs without them taking over your entire yard! I would definitely do this on the side of my house.

DIY HERB GARDEN :: Tea tin planters tutorial...shows you where to drill holes in the bottom & how to layer your gravel & soil for good drainage | #herbgarden #herbs #teatins

5 Cost-Effective Organic Gardening Tricks for a Rewarding Harvest

Coffee Tin Makeover Herb Garden #gardenideas

25+ Creative Herb Garden Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors

Coffee Tin Makeover Herb Garden #gardenideas

Simple DIY Ideas for an indoor garden-especially the carton planters-great use for almond milk containers!

Simple DIY Ideas for an indoor garden-especially the carton planters-great use for almond milk containers! Creative ideas for gardening using recycled or upcycled items!

Succulents in Tea Tins

Succulents in Tea Tins (Craft Gawker)

Created by Cooking Stoned for Whole Foods Market.

Leaves, grass clippings, newspaper: become a mulch master with this chart.

These are 20 clever must save gardening tips & hacks to use in the garden. How to Grow Superb Summer Squash Diapers Retain Moisture Keep Plants Watered for Days with Nothing But Paper Towels line all the pots with coffee filters Make eggshell seedling pot

Check out how to make a DIY herb garden form tea tin cans @istandarddesign

Check out how to make a DIY herb garden form tea tin cans Industry Standard Design - Gardening Kitty

Masetas recicladas

Decorated Container Ideas ~ Tin Can Planters There are always an abundance of tin cans, and they make for cute gifts! I like this idea as a teacher’s gift.

Plant your edible goodies in a window planter, and you can snip off what you need for salads and cooking and then watch them magically regrow. http://www.ehow.com/ehow-home/blog/no-garden-no-problem-create-a-self-sustaining-decorative-and-edible-windowsill-planter/?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=blog&utm_campaign=fanpage

Create a Self-Sustaining Decorative and Edible Windowsill Planter

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7 Great Ideas for an Indoor Herb Garden

Gadgets, Techno, Cellphone, Computer: 10 Original things to decorate your table this season

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Designing your own vertical herb garden is a fun project. Vertical gardens allow you to grow herbs and some fruits and vegetables that do not require a lot of soil, such as strawberries or lettuce. Growing your own herbs for cooking or for medicinal.

Easy Tips for Growing Lavender

Easy Tips for Growing Lavender

Lavender not only has a great smell and color, but it also serves numerous medicinal and health purposes. Many people think growing lavender is difficult, but it’s actually a fairly low maintenance…

You can repurpose anything into a planter. Just drill or poke holes in the bottom of your container and plant away.

10 Simple Ways to Freshen Up your Home

DIY Tea Tin Herbs Add welcome colour to a windowsill or kitchen shelf with a touch of greenery. Planting herbs in little vintage-inspired tea tins is a great way to have year-round plant life in your apartment. It's good for cooking, too!