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Carson asks schoolchildren to point to dumbest kid in class

Carson later said he often felt like the dumbest kid in class.

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe read by Vincent Price

Hear Classic Readings of Poe’s “The Raven” by Vincent Price, James Earl Jones, Christopher Walken, Neil Gaiman, Stan Lee &

The Cadaver Dans performing from their bewitched barge on the Rivers of America.

The Cadaver Dans Performing From Their Bewitched Barge Along the Rivers of America During Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland Park - cool a Halloween version of the Dapper Dans!

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World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE invites all women to understand what is happening in the world today . when men talk about World Financial Economics .

Aside from the universal tip of "eat breakfast," here are the top five things that have helped me rise and shine; try these for a morning of wellness!

The 5 Things I Do Every Morning to Stay Healthy

Outrage as World Dog Show is set to be held in China despite 'ghastly' meat trade revelations

Outrage as World Dog Show is set to be held in China despite 'ghastly' meat trade revelations - Mirror Online

THE IRONY: Anti-Cop Pastor ‘Shoots’ Un-Armed Man During Police Training @regisgiles #girlsjustwannahaveguns

Maupin is a former Democratic congressional candidate who describes himself as a “Progressive Baptist Preacher,” a “Civil Rights .

India's Satpura lines once formed India's longest narrow-gauge railway, but they are now facing closure.

The end of a much-loved railway

The end of a much-loved railway - BBC News

FRANCE Paris 0 copy.jpg

Mapped: Where is safe for Irish tourists to travel in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East?

Freaky Chocolate Dream bar...may help you sleep

Is this the healthiest chocolate ever?

Ayurveda teaches that lack of proper sleep not only puts us in poor mental states but also deteriorates our memory and hampers our focus and creativity.

Cruises have gained popularity over time for their all-inclusive affordable package deals with the added bonus of island hopping.

The 4 best cruises for your money

Expensive cruise mistakes you’re making

Mark Pierrot was brave enough to pick up the massive coconut crab, the largest crab on land, and hold it for the camera as he visited the jungle on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.

Tourist dwarfed by giant crab in stunning holiday snap

One brave tourist picked up an enormous giant coconut crab with "lethal" claws while on holiday in Christmas Island. Mark Pierrot posed for the photo opportunity with the crustacean, also known as a robber crab, on a trip to the island in

What is it—and is it even legit?

Gwyneth Paltrow Says Clean Sleeping Is The New Clean Eating

Here's the scoop on 'clean sleeping' the latest healthy-living trend Gwyneth Paltrow recommends.

It doesn't get crazier than this: The United States Food and Drug Administration says drugs are a leading cause of death - yet, continue to approve toxic medications

Based on the statistics, the FDA places adverse drug reactions as the leading cause of death in the United States.