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Babies are the only thing that can make me squeal from cuteness. If there is ever a cute baby in the same room as me, I need to touch it. I will try and make he/she smile from the other side of the room. My mother and I go crazy when we see babies.

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Knitted nap by Cute Baby Pics on Baby Pics

шапочка зайчик с ушками (54) (700x466, 78Kb)

Ready to SHIP Crocheted Baby Easter Bunny Hat and Diaper Cover set w/attachable tail by NanasKnottyCreations on Etsy

Cute Baby In A Bear Costume funny cute babies kids baby adorable .

Every new and expecting parent wants to find a name that perfectly matches the beauty of their child—not just the outward appearance but also the loveliness that radiates within.

Mellow yellow. Online Baby Album on Baby Pics by Cute Baby Pics