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Overview of Daniel Infographic - Illustration--what a beautiful story of extraordinary faith, we can all stand to be a little more like Daniel! :-)

Sometimes the key to our breakthrough is simply having a little more faith. Many people on the brink of their breakthrough give up at the last minute and lose everything. I have realized that with God you need to go the distant. Going the distance requires having a little more faith it means when all else has failed and you want to quit look up and have a little more faith. It's not about quitting. It's about trusting God even when it doesn't make sense. It is only then that He will do the…

This book is a repetition of very much both of the history and of the laws contained in the three foregoing books, which repetition Moses delivered to Israel (both by word of mouth, that it might affect, and by writing, that it might abide) a little before his death.

Does God create evil? | Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry....hilarious reach at defending god. "Therefore, God does not create evil in the moral sense, but in the sense of disaster or calamity" yeah cause creating disasters where thousands die is not evil, just a little naughty

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