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12 Pictures That Only Cat Owners Will Truly Understand

Our cats are weird, they don't like people food (which is good) but they are always so nosy about our food!

Self Petting Station

DIY cat self-petting station. Need: 2 toilet bowl brushes, a board roughly 12"x12", a block of wood 1"x1"x1", carpet to cover the board, guerrilla glue or hot glue, a Staple gun and Spraypaint (optional).

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Milk makes cats sick While your kitty might love a bowl of milk it is actually difficult for them to digest and is a cause of feline obesity. As cats get older it is harder for them to digest lactose and this could give them diarrhoea. Cats can get all of the nutrition they need from good-quality commercial cat food.

26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier

26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier - some really good ideas to make life easier for both the cat and the family that is lucky enough to be owned by them! :D

Urination and defecation outside the litter box is the most common feline behavior problem, learn how to help.

Teach your Cat to use the toilet - No more litter trays. I'd almost try this just to see if it can be done.