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Nighttime leg cramps are a common problem: As many as 6 in 10 adults report experiencing them at some time! Nocturnal leg cramps typically occur in the calves or in the feet, although thigh cramps do occur as well. Pain due to leg cramps at night can last for mere seconds or for several minutes...

Speckled eggs Famous quote from my mother after a heated discussion about what color to tile the bathroom: "Beige is a color too!"

Ginger has been long-known to be one of the most beneficial spices for a variety of reasons. Aside from adding flavour to your meals, it contains a lot of useful nutrients which can provide you with many health benefits. Ginger can be consumed in many different ways, including being used as...More

Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer (video

"Early detection does save lives. It’s just that mammography is not early detection; it’s too late. And then the cancer-causing radiation. So the long and the short is you’re causing much more breast cancer with mammograms than you are detecting." - Dr. ben Johnson // The Truth About Cancer