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Panasonic joins the HD-filming DSLR brigade

In case you have never finished LEGO Lord of the Rings or haven’t had a chance to play the game, this video compilation of all of the cut scenes makes sure you don’t miss out on the fun!

Azaghal charges through the firestorm to do battle with the great worm Glaurung in the closing hours of the Ninaerth Aronediad, a scene I'd love to render one day in bright oranges (another check on the long to-do list). It's impossible as a dwarf enthusiast not to be taken with the great lord of Belegost in the elder days, a renowned warrior of his people from a heroic age when dwarves would face dragons head on in the open field instead of merely hiding from them. Azaghal by TurnerMohan

pin now watch later. Around 57:00 is Richard Armitage tossing his hair with his horse lol. and 1:06:19 is hilarious.