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The only person who can fully decide what matters in your life is YOU. Your choices, your intake, your time--all of these things are determined by you. . What will you choose this week? You want to look back on this week and say that you made choices that

We can't let the darkness and difficulty of the present push us to doubt the miraculous works He's done in the past. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is faithful. If this hits home for you today, do whatever you can to recall who God has

Authenticity is one of our biggest values here at REFIT:registered:. It's so important to say what you really mean. You never know who needs your honesty. Authenticity isn't vomiting your issues on someone. And it's isn't re-framing the truth. . Aut

Who needs to hear the message of grace again? Oh, we all know it--in the way that we know the alphabet. It's memorized in our head...but in our heart we often forget the truth. . Grace covers all. Yes, even that. That huge thing. That hidden thing.

8 Week Body Weight Makeover Program

8 Week Body Weight Makeover Program - A little progress each day adds up! No Equipment Needed. Get started today! #bodyweightworkouts #workouts #fitnessprogram

Female Hormone Balancer With Sensoril

The reason most people fail at lifestyle changes and healthy habits is because they attempt it alone. Unfortunately, this true about life, too. Think about the most difficult season of your life. Chances are there were key people who surrounded you wit