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Try the snacks provided in this guide. There are quick snack ideas, as well as 10 Approved Clean Eating Snacks.  Have some low-glycemic (sugar) fruits, like berries, green apples, and grapefruit. Add root vegetables, figs or dates to your diet, which will provide you with natural sweet energy. Sprinkle cinnamon on fruit, in your smoothie or in your coffee substitute. It tastes delicious and is known to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. #cleaneatingsnacks
Coffee Chia Pudding! Perfect dessert for all coffee lovers!
This is a simple and quick recipe for an espresso microwave mug cake which you can be eating it in less than five minutes, with half the washing up of a normal oven-baked cake.
Coffee Chia Pudding! Just substitute watered down cream for the milk and forget the honey
Every mum deserves chocolates, and these hand rolled coffee truffles are delicious served with after dinner coffee or as a special treat at anytime. They also make a perfect gift.                                                                                                                                                      More
Peppermint creams - kneading, rolling, shaping, dipping or drizzling - lots of easy steps. Can easily be made in a group and different flavours used, for example orange, lemon etc.
Energise with this Espresso and Maca Banana Smoothie! Gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly, a great healthy snack or breakfast. Recipe via nourisheveryday.com
Recipe ~ Scottish Tablet. Like fudge, but no butter, just (condensed) milk and sugar, really.
Deliciously crunchy on the outside, delightfully soft on the inside - these easy hazelnut low carb keto cookies are your favourite new low carb and gluten free snack.