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People searching their family tree will be pleased to hear that soon they will have free online access to more than 1,000 Irish parish records from the 1740s right up to the 1880s. The huge array of records will be available to anyone anywhere in the world thanks to the National Library of Ireland, who recently announced their plans to digitalise the records and publish them on the internet.

Her name was Inspire.She played secrets into the air. And only those who were listening could hear her. http://brookesbookblog.weebly.com/blog.html

Listen: how Shakespeare really sounded

How should Shakespeare really sound? The British Library have released the first audio guide to how Shakespeare's plays would have sounded in the original pronunciation.

Irish jokes are pretty popular. But there's some things Irish people are just sick of hearing. Here's 10 things you should stop saying to the people of Ireland.

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