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30 Carp Fly Selection from Reelflies

The Reelflies Muddler & Sculpin Fly Selection includes 28 deadly muddler and sculpin patterns.

Common Craw Carp Fly Tying Video Instructions | How To Tie The Common Craw Carp Fly

Catching Carp On The Fly is no easy task, and you need the right fly for the job. Carp are incredibly wary creatures and very picky eaters. Matching a Carp's food forage is important to catching Carp On The Fly.

Nolan Mahchers Egg Worm Carp Fly

With 30 tiers and 42 different patterns submitted the 2013 carp fly swap was Bigger.

Mellow Yellow Carp Fly Tying Directions - YouTube

Featured in this "Two Minute Fly Tying" tutorial is the Krazy Carper from Jamie Kaminski. Though catching the attention of those fly fishing for carp, this p.

unnamed carp fly

I’ve started tying a new carp fly this season and the carp seem to really like it. With the flash and bright colors it seems to get there attention from a

San Juan Worm Tail Carp Fly-Don Mear, but not my pattern.

San Juan Worm Tail Carp Fly-Don Mear, but not my pattern.

Best Carp Flies Fly Fishing

Choosing the Right Carp Fly. How To Select the Best Carp Fly for the Situation. Choosing the right carp fly is very important. I prefer to choose a fly based on the conditions and not how the fly looks or it's appearance.


Fishing Flies - Pick the flies that work best for you from our huge selection. We carry possibly the best range of flies in London including individual fishing flies, bargain packs, fly selections and even tie your own fly packs.

My first Carp fly came along circa 1950 or so fishing Snyder park in Springfield, Ohio. The carp were hitting mulberries falling from an overhanging tree and we couldn't get the danged ripe berries to stay on the hook. We were out of dough balls so what to do? Being enterprising young kids we gave it a bit of thought and tore just a small strip of my T shirt off and wound/tied it on the hook. We then mashed in berries till it was the right color and voila we had a Carp Fly. Worked everytime!

Combining the use of nature and real vs lure. An A+ fly business photo. The fly is not special but this photo makes it look ultra pricey!