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Every pair is unique, and they certainly won't look like the photoshopped ones we see in magazines and online.

cheetahspeed: crime-she-typed: sexeed: skelliwog: velvet-moon: what tits actually look like this made me feel a lot better about myself amen Yay finally representation for small titties All of em

nah it's still a little horrifying

What if they thought they lost Violet because they couldn't find her on the sonogram. And then she just reappears.

I am both introverted and extroverted. I enjoy socialising and draw energy from being around people, I also need time alone to regenerate afterwards and can spend extended periods on my own- if I stay in either state for too long I feel out of sorts and find a balance of the two states suits me best. I love this little piece, I know and love people of both types and this is one of the best descriptions/myth busters I have ever read regarding introverts.

Probably one of the most accurate things I've read about myself. Except for the adrenaline junkie . I like adrenaline but that's probably because I'm not a full introvert. I'm an introvert with a bit more juice for social interaction.

"recently i learned that crows and ravens have a baffling habit of sneaking up on other animals and pulling on their tails.         The behavior seems to be relatively universal among various species of crows and ravens across the world.      They seem to do it with anything they can find that has a tail, ranging from something as small and harmless as squirrels to something as large and deadly as eagles"

This is just funny, the eagle is completely indifferent. Crows and Ravens have a habit of pulling tails. of any and all sorts.

Gotta find those psychopaths, they're really the only sorts who'll follow such a filthy, violent deity...

The Bible is weird…

Funny pictures about The Bible is weird. Oh, and cool pics about The Bible is weird. Also, The Bible is weird.

Oh, one of my favorite shows. And a favorite scene too. Hilarious.

Amy Farrah Fowler and her tiara. Probably by favorite Big Bang moment of all time.

A (Frugal) Cheesecloth Alternative... Cloth diapers!

A (Frugal) Cheesecloth Alternative

A frugal cheesecloth alternative from The Prairie Homestead. Gauzy cheesecloth you buy at the store is NOT good. This is a sturdier, reusable better alternative.