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Rainbow Heart Therapy horse Peanut and big buddy Luke Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses

Cowgirl up or sit in the truck : Photo

Caption says, "Jumbo and Nippa (Clydesdale and Miniature Horse) - Nippa loves to shelter under caring Jumbo. (pic by Rachael Hale)". I'm fairly positive that draft horse is not a clydesdale though.

riding a Yakut

Meet the Mongolian Horse. There are more of these little horses living in Mongolia than there are people. They’re small in stature, but aren’t considered ponies. They’re used as starter horses to teach small children to ride from a very young age.

The first thing you learn in foal training is how to sit criss-cross applesause. . .

The first thing you learn in foal training is how to sit criss-cross applesause.

Dog & pony show

Mini horse and his Great Dane buddy. I thought about getting my Dane a mini horse for company.

In a world where animals are wrongly disposable when they are no longer useful, I am in awe of the person who invested so much in this horse!

Love these babies

Rare Twin Horses- when my mare& ultrasound showed she was having twins, the vet when in and pinched one of the embryos off so one could survive. Twin horses usually do not go full term and are born too early to survive.

Patrizia Pigliacelli: Google+

"silver dapple colt by venomxbaby, via DeviantArt -- This gorgeous creature is a Rocky Mountain Horse and the photo was taken on Fairwinds Farm.

Learning the ropes with Mother http://www.wpsubscribers.com/?hop=topogiyo  http://www.desktoplightingfast/Zorro123 http://www.laptoptrainingcollege.com http://welbor.553.clicksurecpa.com/

Mother and Foal drinking water from the trough. Look at that cute tongue on the little baby horse!

Kader Çiçek - Google+

Black with star (Andalusian Lusitano Lippizzaner spanish horse Piccador Vaquero Charro)