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DAYLILY SEEDLING - GARDEN NAME IS FIRE DRILL. We love this red seedling and will introduce it in 2017. The two parents are on the left. Not what I was expecting but a great new daylily that was much admired this year by visitors. #daylily

seedling dip-09-484- T Ships (bhb)

TEETH IN TAVARES 17-16 TET (Oscar’s Choice X seedling) 6.5”, EM, RE, SEV, 27” Scape, 3 Way Branching, 18 Buds.

S-172 Chrimson Shadow x Betty Warren Woods | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Mine say it has a Dr Red eye. will check it out when it blooms

seedling No. 1422, Ludlow Lambertson, via

Growing daylilies from seed. And on a budget. The seeds are inside those stunted looking, roundish pods that appear after a plant loses all its blooms. Yes siree have more daylilies from seeds without paying a cent. But first, there are a few things to know. Pictured is a dark magenta seedling bloom with burgundy eyezone and yellow throat