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An Unpublished Children's Book. 'Curious Creatures' is a story about a few strange animals "coming together" as a group of weird friends, who don't judge each other - and love each other, with all of their quirks - encouraging each other to be whatever th…

This is the sort of illustration that, as a child, gave me a love of nature. There is so much to look at and I loved the idea that everything talked to each other...another world. Erich Heinemann / Seven dots

Animal Kingdom

A while later, pretty fox approached them with a warm welcome "welcome to the animal kingdom, may I assist you to walk around?", "our pleasure!" the kids said cheerfully. "Only those who believe and dare to dream can reach to this place" she said.

After returning home, Mr. Fishman missed the companionship of Margot and Fifi. Original painting by Matte Stephens

Stay Wild... - limited edition giclee print of an original illustration (8 x 10 in)