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ikr... i always say I'm ugly.. people don't understand. No i don't want to look live everyone else, i want to look in a mirror and smile .. ;-;

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I am just starting to find my color, and as I do others true color starts to show

all true ( well I write fanfiction in my head.... but I'll write it down one day!)

all true ( well I write fanfiction in my head.) My imagination scares me. Some times but hey whatcha gonna do

I hate being an angry cryer. Like no, I'm not sad. I just get so angry I cry. And when I get that way...RUN!!

I hate being an angry cryer. I just get so angry I cry. And if I'm not crying when I'm angry you better run!



19 Honest Confessions That Are Too Real For People Who Are Painfully Shy

Yeah, I'm shy when I meet people but once I know and trust them I'm really silly and unfortunately I have a dirty mind a bit, it's hard to make friends because they just see the quiet shy me and don't talk to me

I will never cry in front of him if I can help it. Someone who can look at your tears flowing and tell you to stop crying bc those tears do nothing for him....well, they weren't for you...they were for my God to see!

I always cry silently so people don't think I'm weak. If I cry freely in front of you, I really trust you. I don't trust a lot of people. I only have two or three that I trust, if I cry in front of you. I trust you with my life.


Im not the type of girl boys fall in love with. No but you can be the girl to make them see that everyone needs love

Best of Tapiture : happens more then I would like it to.

Whenever he is around, my heart stops beating for like a second and my stomach is in knots and I'm way too shy around him. And he had some chances, and he tried so hard, but I RAN AWAY!

Depression quotes. Me.

I can't handle feeling this way. I pray every night that one day I will recover. But I guess I have to keep praying cause it stings - BG

This breaks my heart. Although I have my bad days, I know some people struggle with this every day. I don't know what words to say to say without sounding cheap or fake, but thanks for being brave. The fact that you're reading this proves you're much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

So f**king true...

Self assessment- worst enemy Its inseparable from us.<<>> if any of you feel depressed please please talk to me , i will listen. All of you are beautiful and i dont want you to feel this way about yourself- for real :messege me guys❤