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Cover for The Avengers (Marvel, 1963 series) #356 [Direct Edition]

Cover for The Avengers (Marvel, 1963 series) [Direct Edition]

X-Factor (1986 1st Series) 114N

X-Factor comic book cover.

g1-75.jpg (502×760)

The Transformers (Sep Marvel)

Bibbo, o Superman Meia Boca - PIPOCA COM BACON #PipocaComBacon - (736×1115)

Spider-Boy from Amalgam

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Amalgam Age of Comics: The Marvel Comics Collection published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics (Amalgam) in 1996

X-Men (1991-2001) #20

'Adjectiveless' X-Men Volume

Marvel X-Force comic issue 31

Marvel X-Force comic issue 31

Comic will be bagged & boarded.

Amalgam Comics - JLX Unleashed

JLX Unleashed by Oscar Jimenez & Anibal Rodriguez

X-Man #2 - Comics by comiXology

X-Man - Comics by comiXology

Uncanny X-Men # 307 by John Romita Jr.

Uncanny X-Men 1963 Series December 1993 Issue

Action Comics (Volume) - Comic Vine

Inkling - What Waits Within - Offbeat Reading Experience - Slam Bradleys Back In Action - Marzan Jr - Stuart Immonen

Watcher enters the DCU

Watcher enters the DCU

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (IDW, 1982) #76

Marvel Comics G.Joe issue - The end of the Cobra Civil War. Zartan kills Serpentor with the same bow he used to kill the Hardmaster

Captain America (2011-2012) #15-19 covers by Steve Epting

Steve Epting is the best thing ever to happen to the main Captain America book.

Superman #23.1:Bizarro DC

In November Bleeding Cool first reported that DC were planning a “Villain’s Month” to highlight the bad guys in .