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leonardo dicaprio // the hills first pic edit don't h8.. also next edit will be spn dw! dt: nø chill ryss ac: {audios}

“JJ IN EPISODE 11 BE LIKE ” (gif edit by me XD) (source of the vine: LINK) i don’t hate JJ i love him so much okay he deserves a hug and pat on the back

Hello!!! So, I have been trying to get as many followers as I can.So far I'm at like 32. It would really help if you would set aside three seconds for me and follow me??? Thank you!!! :) xxx

Brother and Sister found in a shelter made out of vines.The girl has plant powers and the boy ice powers,The girl is 11 and the boy is 13.No known names and up for adoption! ADOPTED BY LAUREN HUGHEN

I DON'T CARE! I ship it <3 #yurionice #yurio #yuriplisetsky #otabek