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Warning: If you mix up the terms punishment and negative reinforcement, you will be deleted from my friends list.

We appreciate when you keep your condoms within close reach from the bed so we don't spend ten minutes waiting naked while you search the other end of the apartment.

How to calculate Velociraptor.

Calculate the Velocity of the Raptor

Raptor Physics for extreme nerds hahahah I'm proud to say I got this- Velocity= distance/time

There is more to science than just play.

"Remember, kids: the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down." -- Mythbusters -- Adam Savage Back in the days of plentiful funding.this was actually true

What's really bad is that I think I own that dress!!!!

The awkward moment when your friends fat arm makes you look naked. "totally had to take a double look. Thought she was naked!

Ugh! I NEED TO FIND THIS POSTER FOR PAUL. Everywhere I look.. It is sold out:(

The funny thing is it wasn't Taylor Swift who did this it was the people who set this shoot up AND her actual lyrics is We're on the phone not you're.so fail for everyone else . 19 Jokes Only Grammar Nerds Will Understand